Benefits of Swimming:

-Physical Benefits

 Improves flexibility and strength, builds up endurance, increases muscular flexibility, heart muscle becomes stronger, increases circulation, rehabilitates muscles, improves ability to control and maintain healthy weight.

Swimming is the perfect activity for people of all ages and abilities, it's cost-effective, and has a wide range of both physical and psychological benefits. The most obvious advantage to swimming is that it's a great form of exercise. Swimming can also improve your overall health. It's an ideal workout for your heart and circulation, as you are using your whole body to swim.


-Psychological Benefits

Swimming helps develop a positive attitude (individually and as a group), contributes to a feeling of well-being, teaches patience, releases stress and tension, renews energy.

Those who swim regularly experience less tension, depression and anger after a session in the pool.


-Social Benefits

Swimming is about having fun and fellowship with other people. It's Enjoyable - even when working hard.